Remote Leadership & Intercultural Communication

Webinars (Live Online Training) &

Workshops (In-House-Training)

You’re the leader of a global organization with an international team in Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada or anywhere else in the world?

You ask yourself:

  • How do I build trust with team members I only know from the screen?
  • How can I achieve accountability in a remote high performing team?
  • How can I maintain the high quality of my products and services despite big changes in the global market?
  • How can I make the company culture and therefore the work-environment of my organization cooperative and respectful across the globe despite high uncertainty and high complexity?

We create tailor-made digital learning designs for international organizations. Our aim is to find sustainable solutions, create greater cultural awareness, foster stronger leadership and develop accountable high performing teams in times of global change.


  • Remote Leadership Development
  • Change Management
  • Culture, Communication & Collaboration
  • Cross Culture Conflict Management
  • Focused Mind Development
  • Mindfulness in Business
  • Building Trust in High Performance Teams

Example for Webinars:

1) “Focused Mind” (From Distraction to Productivity)


2) “Building great remote high performance teams”


3) “Effective communication across cultures and screens”

This unique webinar series is focusing on:

Culture & Communication & Collaboration in times of Mobile Work

The goal of these webinar is to show you how to achieve higher awareness in any organization, by focusing on cultural specific communications for team leaders of remote teams.

This webinar series (2-4 modules/ 2 h each) can be seen as the starting point for strengthening the leadership, communication and social skills of key personnel in your organization. As well, this webinar focuses on developing a strategy for culturally sensitive remote management to achieve long-lasting sustainability.

The tailor-made webinar includes preparation, implementation and evaluation and is individually designed for the specific needs of your team of leaders.

“My way is one way, but not the only way!” (unknowen)