How to trust people you only know from the screen?

eWa Ferens

As a Digital Learning Designer, Cross-Culture Trainer, Intercultural Consultant and Business Coach, I work with organizations in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. “Mobile work” has been my way of living for the last 20 years. Therefore I focus on supporting leaders guiding their teams in different working locations. My New webinar series “How to build and lead great remote teams?” is especially created for that purpose.

My Live Online Trainings/ Webinars are designed for international organisations with multicultural teams willing to improve their cross-culture leadership and communication skills.

I am a Polish-Austrian-Canadian, holding a Diploma in Change Management from the University of Graz, a Masters in Culture and Communication Studies from the University of Vienna, as well as the Australian National University and I am a certified Business Trainer and Coach (USA, Germany).

During two decades of international management, I travelled the world extensively, working remotly in Europe and Asia.

In 2013, I started my company in order to support global organozations with an international profile to strengthen their diverse personnel in intercultural communication, to support change processes and to sharpen intercultural awareness of leaders and teams working together globally. My evidence based, pragmatic, interactive, relationship supporting and effective approach helps professionals to refocus in times of global change.