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“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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The focus in coaching with eWa ferens is on leaders and team-members in international organizations experiencing change and transformational issues. eWa has worked as an Online Coach for more then 10 years. She is an expert in the field of Systemic Business Coaching. You can work with eWa from anywhere in the world (from your office space, home office or any other mobile work place). “How can I deal with change as a remote leader?”or  “How can I be a great remote leader for high performing intercultural teams?” are just some of  many topics. eWa’s clients are currently in Australia, India, Philippines, Singapore, USA, Germany and Austria.


eWa’s focus is on tailor-made digital training desings. Her Live Online Trainngs (LOT) are carefully designed Webinars combined with E-learning elements, like e.g. LinkedInLearning Courses, Podcasts and TED-talks. Most Webinars are interactive, process oriented development and growth programs for international organizations. From great remote leadership to intercultural conflict management a lot can be transformed even online. eWa’s aim is to find sustainable solutions, create greater cultural awareness, foster stronger leadership and develop accountable remote high performance teams in times of global change, when many ask “How to develop trust with team-members I only know from the screen?”.

who is eWa?

eWa ferens is a Cross-Culture Trainer, Consultant and Business Coach based in Vienna/ Austria with broad working experience in Asia. Her expertise includes Change Management, Conflict Managemen, Leadership Development and Intercultural Communication. She has been working remotly for the last 10 years and is therefore an expert in the field of Live Online Training (LOT) and Online Business Coaching. She is one of the pioneers of “Mobile Work” and “New Work”.