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eWa Ferens

As a Cross-Culture Trainer, Consultant and Coach, I work with individuals in Asia and Europe.

My training workshops are designed for international organisations with multicultural teams willing to improve their cross-culture leadership skills and core intercultural competences.

I am a Polish-Austrian-Canadian, holding a Diploma in Change Management from the University of Graz, a Masters in Culture and Communication Studies from the University of Vienna, as well as the Australian National University and I am a certified Business Trainer and Coach (USA, Germany).

During two decades of international management, I travelled the world extensively, working in Vienna, Hamburg and New Delhi and Manila. Originally, I travelled to the Philippines to work for an NGO in the slums of Manila in 2000 – coming back every year since then.

In 2013, I started my company NEW VIEW COACHING in order to support persons with an international profile to live a more abundant and professionally successful life. My philosophical and pragmatic approach helps professionals to refocus in times of global change.