How to have an office with an ocean view and an income?

“ The fear to change is often bigger then the change itself.” (Petra Bock)

I get up at 4.00 am every morning. It is way before sunrise here in the Philippines. My client from India will be online in a couple of hours. The typhoon season is nearly over and the Internet is stable again. In case of a monsoon power cut in India, my client will call on the phone. He always does. Since I am working as an online coach on a tropical island I am close to nature in real life and still connected to interesting and very intellectually stimulating personalities in real-time. So how on earth did I get to live on a tropical island?

Good things take time – very good things can happen suddenly

I’ve had the opportunity to work in wonderful European cities like Vienna and Hamburg and adventures Asian mega cities like Manila and New Delhi. Now I enjoy the sounds of tropical birds instead of car horns, an ocean breeze instead of traffic pollution, and a million-dollar-ocean-view instead of grey concrete.

Coming to the Philippines regularly for the last 14 years became a valuable habit. Two years ago I moved to the Philippines very suddenly and the only regret I have is that I should have done it much earlier. Saying that, I also know that there is always the right time to do the right thing. Sometimes one has to get to a point where it becomes truly clear that what you dream of is really possible.

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

(Tony Robbins)

Questions you should ask yourself before you pack your belongings

– Where do I want to live?

– How do I want to work? (Markus Albers “Meconomy”)

– What kind of life style do I want?

– What income would I like to make?

– What kind of experience do I want to add to my life?

– What additional qualifications do I need for the kind of work I want?

– What would improve my quality of life most?

There are many more questions you can ask yourself or you can start making a list of the options you already have. Here some real life examples:

  • Train and work as a control tower operator to earn money to live on a catamaran
  • Work for some years in Singapore so you can buy a house with an ocean view in New Zealand and write children’s books there
  • Rent a house in Bali where you can be a counsellor
  • Work for an european book-fair before moving to Pondicherry to write theater plays
  • Establish a business in Vancouver and London before opening an office in New Delhi
  • Work in Saudi Arabia before moving to the beach create dating websites
  • Get a pilot-teacher-training in the US and a dive-instructor-training in Honduras before teaching diving and flying in the Philippines

There are always more then 7 options

Many times I hear people say: “When I retire I will live at the ocean. Till then I have to stay in this boring routine of my city-job.” With all due respect to hardworking city people (I was one of them) there is no guarantee that all of us will reach retirement – simply because we might drop dead unexpectedly.

Therefore, if an office with a view is what you want today, you should start making a list of 7 options you have to make this dream a real life goal. Even if some of these options sound silly to you now they might become very real. Sooner than you think.

eWa ferens

The (online) Coach on a Tropical Island

New View Coaching – for an inspiring new life at a new location

photo by eWa ferens


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