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“When we think of the word culture, obvious representations such as how to dress, eat, speak, and act like those around us come to mind. But learning culture is more than learning conformity to external patterns of behavior. Culture is also a system of shared concepts, beliefs, and values. It is the framework from which we interpret and make sense of life and the world around us.” ― David C. Pollock


Have you just relocated to an new destination? OR are you planing to go back home after a long time abroad? Have you experienced “Euphoria” and “Frustration” when ever you move from one culture to an other?


We design tailor made training programs for international organizations. Our aim is to find sustainable solutions, create greater cultural awareness, foster stronger leadership and develop accountable teams in times of global change.


eWa Ferens is a Cross-Culture Coach based in Asia and Europe. In her online and face-to-face coaching sessions, she works with women and men on overseas postings.